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Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc. Referral Process

The Role of SHRF in a Referral:

Listing your Siberian for adoption on the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc. website is considered listing your dog as a “referral” from the rescue because SHRF does not participate in the adoption process for your dog. That being said, SHRF volunteers will be happy to answer questions or concerns either you or a potential adopter may have. Also, if you wish, after you have found a potential adopter, you can give us the name of the person and SHRF can check to see if this person has ever applied to adopt a dog with us and if so, whether they were approved or not. If they were not, we can give you the general reason as to why, and you can decide whether or not you are still comfortable doing so.

Why List Your Siberian as a Referral?

Your Siberian will be given a vast amount of exposure due to the high traffic volume of our website which is also linked to, and When someone comes to SHRF’s site they are already looking for a Siberian Husky and are presented with a large amount of information and resources, which benefits all referrals as well. SHRF’s basic referral requirements are that your Siberian must be spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, licensing and routine care, and presented in an honest way both in regards to its health and temperament, even if one or the other, or both, needs work. No dog is perfect!

The Requirements:

Below are the details of SHRF’s referral process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us again. To request a referral form, please email and put “Referral request” in the subject line.

1) Completed referral form.

a) Please print out and complete the referral form CLICK HERE.

2) Payment of a $25 dollar referral donation.

a) You can write a check to “SHRF” and send it to the rescue at:

Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida, Inc, (SHRF)
P.O. Box 8727
Seminole, FL 33775


b) You can make a donation on our website (indicate it is to list your dog as a referral) and provide either an electronic or physical copy of your donation receipt.

3) Veterinary Records:

You will need to provide:

a) Proof of neuter or spay.

b) Record of rabies vaccine & current county registration.

c) Medical history records – any and all available

d) Record of the most recent vaccines given: must be up to date on all routine vaccines. (Not required but will have to be disclosed on the dog’s biography page if the dog is not up to date on its shots.)

e) Record of heartworm test and the results within the last year & record of being on heartworm preventative. If you have not gotten the dog tested and/or it is not on prevention, SHRF will still list the dog but will include that information. (Not required but will have to be disclosed on the dog’s biography page if the dog had not been tested or been on preventative.)

4) Proof of Ownership:

a) Contract from breeder, contract from pet store, records of payment for care of animal. If the Siberian was a friend or family member’s you must provide a written statement by that person agreeing to relinquish ownership to you. Without proof of ownership, though, we cannot list the dog as a referral. If the dog was obtained from another rescue or a breeder, please contact them and see if they will take the dog back. (Most rescues/shelters and reputable breeders require the dog to be returned to them) If they do not want the dog back, please provide proof or a signed statement with the referral form.

5) Picture and “Biography” of the Siberian to post on the Website.

a) The picture:

i) You may email digital photographs, and SHRF will accept a physical photograph sent to our PO Box as well.

(1) We suggest you provide a recent, clear, good picture of your Husky - send us the best one you have. Also, please remember that this is the picture that will be posted on the SHRF website, and will be seen by many, many people - take care to make sure it does not accidentally contain anything you do not wish to be shown.

ii) The Biographical Description:

(1) Age, sex, eye and coat color: required

(2) Medical info: microchipped/HW info/shots/any health issues: required

(3) General personality/behavior: high-energy, laid-back, nervous, confident, digger, howler, etc.

(4) How the dog gets along with other dogs, both male and female; if the dog is good with small animals; if the dog is OK with men, women, children (or not).

(5) Level of training/obedience: housebroken/crate trained? Leash trained? Any training issues?

(a) It is important to remember that the description of the dog should be positive, but HONEST! The new owner needs to know what they are getting with their new dog - good and bad. Not being truthful about the traits puts both the dog and the new family at risk, and SHRF asks that you disclose as much information as possible to the future owner. Many people are more than willing to tackle behavioral or health issues if they are told about them in advance. We will be happy to help you compose a bio that is both attractive yet forthright.

6) Contact information:

a) This is how an interested party can contact you. Remember, SHRF does not assist in the adoption process of a referral listing, so potential adopters must contact you directly.

b) This information will be posted under your dog’s picture and description and will be available to anyone who visits the site, so take care to provide contact information that you are comfortable with being publically listed.

c) Please alert SHRF when your referral dog is adopted and we will remove him/her from the site. Once you have compiled everything, you may email that information to us (if you scan the vet records and ownership proof), or you may send a physical package to the P.O. Box listed.

Referral Checklist

Required Forms:

SHRF Referral form
Proof of ownership
Referral Donation of $25
Picture of dog
Biography of dog

Vet Records:

Proof of spay/neuter - required
Proof of current rabies vaccine & county license - required
Proof of Heartworm test & preventative regimen
Proof of current vaccines and county license
Any other medical records

Final Note:

Please be extremely selective about to whom you eventually adopt your Siberian Husky. We recommend you get a Vet Reference and do a Home Inspection at a minimum. You are deciding where this dog is going to spend the rest of its life and that is the most important decision you could ever make for it. Your choice will be the deciding factor in the quality of life that animal will have once it leaves your home – make it wisely.

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